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October 2015

Rehabilitation for addictions – what does it mean?
Addiction rehabilitation means the medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs.
Addiction to a substance (alcohol, drugs) and other compulsive disorders such as gambling can wreak havoc on the person’s life. It affects all areas of the person – physical, mental, social (relationships), career, finance and spiritual.

September 2015

“I don’t get drunk, I get awesome!” – An attitude commonly carried by addicts and alcoholics. This is termed as “Grandiosity”- an inflated sense of superiority and self-importance.
Drinking and Drugging Fuels Grandiosity
Imperative issues with women in recovery
Addicts loose communication skills. Not “loosing” to the bottle makes one lose to words. “Words are”, as is s

August 2015

Alcohol and drug rehab might be more fun than what you imagine!
 When an addict or alcoholic puts the addictive substance into his body, it travels to his brain and boom! He gets the ‘buzz’ which he likes so much. He or she wants to repeat this pleasure-giving activity again and again.
In certain Eastern spiritual teachings, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, detachment is the key to moksha or release and a necessary step toward spiritual progress.
In addiction recovery, people face many challenges in many forms. For men, recovery challenges their identity of themselves - or of what it means to be a ‘man’.
It is a known fact that addiction is highly relapse-prone. In fact, sobriety can be described as nothing but 'preventing a relapse'.
In some ways, the hardest part of establishing and maintaining long-term recovery comes when the initial, intensive part of treatment has been completed.
Can addiction be treated?
It is not all easy living under the same roof as an alcoholic or addict. The addict’s belligerent, abusive behaviour can be very difficult to deal with.
“I am an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened”. - Mark Twain

July 2015

Six Keys to Successful Addiction Treatment
Why do young people use marijuana?
Young persons begin to use marijuana for many reasons. It could be curiosity. It could be a desire to fit into a social group. They may have friends who use drugs and these friends may urge them to try using (peer pressure).
Older Adults and Substance Abuse
What does addiction treatment really mean?
Addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs, or compulsive behaviour like gambling, requires ‘treatment’. What does that mean?
Abstinence is first step
Common fears of families while admitting their loved one in an addiction treatment program
Fears in Early Recovery
While addiction is scary and an addict or alcoholic lives in constant fears: what if I am caught? How am I going to get my next fix? What’s going to happen to my job, my marriage, my health, my future?
Cocaine commonly also has street names like, “coke”, “charlie”, “wash”, “rock” “crack” or “blow” is perhaps the most dangerously addictive drugs in the world.
Resentments in Recovery
The Cost of Addiction

June 2015

Gambling Addiction and co-occurring disorders
Yoga in addiction recovery
Lately, Yoga is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. June 21 being declared as a World Yoga Day by UN has given further impetus to the popularity of this ancient Indian science of well being.
Drug Addiction in India
Dr Lawrence Kolb, the first medical director of the Public Health Service Narcotic Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky believed that addicts are thrill seekers; they are modest people who use drugs to overcome feelings of inferiority. Drugs allowed them to feel “grandiose” in life.
How do you help someone with a Gambling Addiction?
For many people gambling is an enjoyable activity without becoming a problem, but over time, some individuals develop a gambling addiction. This can ruin their lives.

May 2015

Change – at the heart of addiction recovery 
Recovery from addiction is not merely being abstinent. It requires change – change in our thinking, behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle. For this change to occur, there has to be a desire for change. 
Addiction is a ‘cunning, baffling and powerful disease’. Sometimes it is also accompanied by another serious mental health issue.