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July 2015

The Cost of Addiction

June 2015

Gambling Addiction and co-occurring disorders
Yoga in addiction recovery
Lately, Yoga is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. June 21 being declared as a World Yoga Day by UN has given further impetus to the popularity of this ancient Indian science of well being.
Drug Addiction in India
Dr Lawrence Kolb, the first medical director of the Public Health Service Narcotic Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky believed that addicts are thrill seekers; they are modest people who use drugs to overcome feelings of inferiority. Drugs allowed them to feel “grandiose” in life.
How do you help someone with a Gambling Addiction?
For many people gambling is an enjoyable activity without becoming a problem, but over time, some individuals develop a gambling addiction. This can ruin their lives.

May 2015

Change – at the heart of addiction recovery 
Recovery from addiction is not merely being abstinent. It requires change – change in our thinking, behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle. For this change to occur, there has to be a desire for change. 
Addiction is a ‘cunning, baffling and powerful disease’. Sometimes it is also accompanied by another serious mental health issue.
Are circumstances leading to relapse different for men and women? Are their biological factors or differences between relapsing men and women?

April 2015

Drug Use Changes the Addict’s Brain
In the early stages of drug use, the individual may continue to maintain relationships, hold on to his job and not suffer any significant health issues. This makes him or her to think that he is still in control. 
10 Tips to Prevent Your Kids Getting Addicted to Alcohol & Drugs
Five Tips for Staying Away from Heroin
Drug addiction is one of the hot topics in today’s field of medicine and science. Addicts are dependent on various types of drugs.

March 2015

If you or a loved one is addicted to meth, you will know that it is a
The family members of an alcoholic also get ‘
Alcohol addiction is now recognized and classified as a disease. It is not a lack of will power, education, or a moral shortcoming. An alcoholic is helpless and needs external support to come out of his or her addiction.
The first 90 days after alcohol de-addiction treatment are a difficult and challenging period. The alcoholic, after his or her stay at an alcohol de-addiction centre is highly vulnerable, trying to rebuild his life – facing life with renewed hope and fears.
Detoxification is the first step for people who are looking for Alcohol de-addiction treatment. Detoxification means a treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol.
It is a well established fact that addiction is a disease, and a progressive one at that.  The disease can be broadly classified into three different stages: Early stage, middle stage, late stage.

February 2015

Drug abuse treatment in India is often a mixed bag. Firstly, rehabilitation centres operate on the ‘pleasure principle’- they do whatever they please! There are no guidelines to adhere to and no rules and regulations.
Addiction is a family disease that affects not only the addict but the family as well. Being the  wife of an addict comes with a great deal of understanding, support, patience and self-control.
Dependence on mood-altering substances is a phenomenon that is rarely understood and often mistreated. There are two kinds of dependence - physical and psychological dependence.
Physical aspect
“I do not have a drinking problem; it was just that one time I lost control!”
“Smoking up makes me a better person, but I don’t have a problem!”
“Maybe you have a problem and are insecure about yourself, no wonder you are projecting it on me! You go get help!”
Addiction has many faces and is much more than just repetitive using of drugs. There are many aspects surrounding the addictive individual and one of those is personality. Personality problems are an often ignored and misunderstood aspect of addiction recovery. What are personality problems?

January 2015

Heroin addicts usually start their addiction with some other drug. Such as cannabis (or marijuana or ‘hashish’), then graduate to prescription painkillers and eventually start using heroin.
All human behavior has a mot

September 2014