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August 2013

Depending on how entrenched you are in the lifestyle of drug and alcohol addiction, you are going to need something of a "clean slate" in order to recover.
Importance of Understanding the Root of Addiction

Opinions in Addiction:
Addicts can be highly opinionated people. It is a characteristic of the addictive personality and may be due to feelings of low self esteem. These opinions can help the addict make sense of the world and their place in it.

July 2013

Finding Peace in Addiction Recovery
Most people will experience life as being full of ups and downs.
Searching for Higher Meaning with Drugs
In 1967 Timothy Leary advised the human race to turn on, tune in, drop out.
Life in Early Recovery
When people first become sober they can feel a bit overwhelmed by their new reality.
Importance of Faith in Addiction Recovery
When people break away from addiction they are likely to see some benefits immediately.
Zen and Meaning in Recovery
When people first become sober their life can lack meaning.
Damage Caused by Addiction
When people first begin using alcohol or drugs, they may at first experience pleasure and relaxation.
The Way Out of Suffering
Buddhism is one of the major world religions.
The Destruction Caused by Addiction
Escaping an addiction is a wonderful achievement, but it does not mean that everything is going to be perfect right away.

About 30% of admissions at Hope are from overseas: Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Maldives...
What makes them travel so far to seek recovery at Hope Trust? Especially when there are so many options in the country where they live? We explore some reasons:
Are you in a relationship with an addict? Have your attempts at helping that person failed? Do you feel powerless?
Co-dependency is a term used when one person develops unhealthy patterns due to the involvement with another person who has the disease of addiction. Some of the negative patterns that develop include enabling, denial, low self-esteem, and control issues. While these patterns don't happen overnight, most people who live with an addict for a sustained period of time, eventually fall into some of these behaviours. 

June 2013

Did you know that there is real science behind your addiction?
Bill W wrote a beautiful piece on acceptance in the book 'Language of the Heart' (March 1962):
Let us look at the effects on the family when someone is abusing alcohol or other drugs. Consider the following five scenarios:
The Impact of Alcohol on Health
Progress Not Perfection in Addiction Recovery
Average of Five People Impacted by One Addiction
10 Reasons Why Treatment for Your Addiction is the Bargain of a Lifetime:
Our society places a premium on intelligence. While we’re in school, we have it drummed into our heads that book learning and a high IQ are the necessary tools for success.
Relapse Excuses are Always Weak
Those individuals who relapse after a period in recovery will always have an excuse.
It is normal for family members to believe that they cannot be okay when someone they love is sick or miserable. It is normal for them to think it would be betrayal to be alright in the midst of a beloved’s illness or discomfort. However, that is exactly what is called for in the case of familial addiction.
NA is a Twelve Step Fellowship
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a Twelve Step fellowship that is devoted to helping people escape drug addiction.
The Nightmare of Addiction
To call addiction a nightmare is not an exaggerated statement. Those who fall into this type of life can lose everything, and they will experience a great deal of suffering as a result. Addiction can be fairly called a nightmare because:
"Alcoholism is an illness, a progressive illness, which can never be cured but which, like some other diseases, can be arrested.
Alcohol from Friend to Foe
It can seem strange to people that anyone would allow themselves to fall into addiction.
God made the universe in a way that didn’t leave things to be a secret. Everything is either in harmony or out of harmony with the principles, laws and values of natural law.