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February 2018

Discord, stress and friction are all a part of daily life in families along with emotional and physical security, companionship and other benefits of a joint family life. These are normal and common issues.
Drug addiction or substance abuse is one of the biggest nightmares in anyone’s life. This disease is far more prevalent now than it was a few years earlier because there is far more exposure and immoral people trafficking drugs purely for quick financial gains.
“To be or not to be” –William Shakespeare.
A true dilemma for a recovered addict, who is now actually capable of being a counsellor.

October 2017

For those seeking recovery from any sort of addiction, group therapy is a valuable tool. A group therapies success relies solely on the participation and dedication of the group.

August 2017

Gambling is all about having fun and thrill for that next big win, surely with losing or winning every now and then. For some of us, gambling is a thrill that keeps us going, but for some it can be devastating – it can turn into something beyond just entertainment.
Addiction is the highest level of obsession. It becomes all-encompassing and all pervasive. The alcoholic cannot function without the drink, nor can he or she function with it.

July 2017

Society often projects alcohol as a fun and social substance that makes our lives better, but this is not the case for everyone. It’s hard to know when our habit turns into an addiction and even harder to know when we should ask for help.
Addiction is a very often used word. Addiction to TV, addiction to playing games on any device, addiction to certain foods, alcohol addiction and drug addiction are loosely used. Colloquially, it means craving or a significant degree of obsession.

April 2017

Addiction has an impact on the overall life of an individual and also his or her family. It creates significant physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual damages to the addict’s life.

March 2017

Today is world Bipolar Day. Let us take this opportunity to learn more about the illness. Earlier known as manic depression, it is a challenging, chronic disabling illness which affects more than 8.7 million people in India alone.
5 things you need to know:
For the past many years, studies and research have been observing the phenomena of drinkers mixing alcohol and energy drinks. This could have seriously negative health effects. This negative effect works in a specific fashion.

February 2017

Amphetamine belongs to a group of stimulants that act on central nervous system. These are known to bring along an incremental state of wakefulness, energy, attention, concentration, sociability, self-confidence, improved mood, and a fall in appetite.
There are people who drink and there are those who give up drinking after a point in life.

December 2016

If an alcoholic (or drug addict) is unwilling to seek help, is there any way the family or friends can get him or her into treatment?
Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences.
Psychology is the study of human behavior and psychologists work to improve the quality of people’s lives by helping them to steer clear of maladaptive behaviors.
The road to recovery from addiction might seem like fixing broken glass, an enterprise that appears a futile exercise when there is little family support. Therapists and doctors all over the world emphasize the importance of family involvement for the rehabilitation of an afflicted member.

August 2016

Here are a few strategies you might try for helping the addict or alcoholic in your life
My experience at Hope Trust rehab My first few days at the alcohol and drug rehab were not pleasant.
Addicts love getting high. They want to be high all the time.
After treatment, they fall to the ground and look for new highs. I was so used to the chemical kicks that I was scared I wouldn’t be able to ‘enjoy’ life without alcohol or drugs.
The residential treatment at Hope Trust (Est. 2002) for drug or alcohol addiction is an integrated, evidence-based program.

July 2016

Yaba – or yah bah – is known as the ‘Mad Drug’. It is sweeping the underbelly of many countries, destroying families and killing addicts.
I was 16 when I had my first drink. I was 18 when I had my first joint. I was 22 when I had my first ‘trip’ with psychedelics. I was 23 when I came to rehab.
Since addiction is relapse-prone, aftercare is an important element in
Do you sometimes wonder what the actual cause of addiction is? It’s a unique mix of risk factors and influences — genetic and environmental. It’s uncommon that merely one thing drives an individual to addiction. Instead, it’s a heady mix of nature and nurture.

June 2016

Addiction to alcohol and drugs can be a devastating experience for the addict and the family. Addiction is classified as a ‘disease’. It has 5 definite characteristics:
Denial is part of the problem in addiction. The alcoholic or addict fails to see the prevalence and extent of his addiction, therefore resists or avoids treatment
Yoga is best exercise in early recovery
There is official prohibition in the state of Gujarat since its inception in 1960. However, this exists merely on paper. In reality, it is a different story.
Like most countries, addiction is on the rise in Bangladesh. Apart from alcohol, the most commonly abused drugs are ‘Yaba’, heroin, marijuana and cough syrup ‘Phensedyl’.