International Affiliations

Tie-Up with Renascent Canada

Hope Trust has an international collaboration with Renascent, a Canada-based leading residential treatment rehab with 40 years of experience in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. With comprehensive programs, Renascent has one of the highest success rates in the world.

Hope Trust and Renascent share remarkable common interests, industry practices and approach to treatment. Some shared interests and modalities include:

  • Treatment based on the WHO-approved 12 steps program
  • A requirement for counsellors to be in recovery themselves – thereby lending clients personal experience and inspiration
  • A comprehensive recovery program for affected families
  • A workplace/corporate solutions business model (EAP’s: Employee Assistance Programs) and Awareness Programs for corporations and educational institutions
  • An abstinence driven program – commitment to long-term sobriety
  • Centres are a home – not an institution (comfortable and caring environs)

Hope Trust and Renascent (Toronto, Canada) have collaborated to exchange ideas and best practices. The affiliation has empowered both agencies to have a shared understanding of a true global and culturally diverse approach to recovery.

Hope Trust and Addictions UK 

Hope Trust and Addictions UK are two like-minded organizations, both providing abstinence-based programs of recovery for addicts.

Like Hope Trust, Addictions UK was also established in 2002 and has grown to be UK’s leading provider for home-based treatment. It has a vast network of health professionals, therapists, partner agencies and support groups throughout United Kingdom – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.One of the exciting projects to emerge from this alliance is Spiritual Journeys in India for overseas clients in recovery.

Mr. James King of Addictions UK and Mr. Rahul Luther of Hope Trust agreed to form an affiliation to provide for sharing their experience and strengths on a global platform.

Journeys – Opportunities for Discovery, Recovery and Spiritual Renewal

India is regarded as the crucible of spirituality. The 12 Steps and Mindfulness are well-known examples of effective treatments. These Journeys shall allow recovering addicts to consider these and other spiritual approaches and compare their potential with medical models of recovery.

The programs are being coordinated by highly experienced Indian facilitators and will include many opportunities to meet with some leading Indian spiritual and social thinkers and activists. Participants will also encounter many facets of India, not only those seen by many tourists but also the hidden and genuine qualities of ordinary life, history and spirituality.

The journeys shall be:

  • 10 -14 days duration based in South India
  • Flights from throughout the United Kingdom
  • Excellent range of accommodation and facilitation
  • Lessons in different Meditation and Indian Spirituality Methods such as Buddhist Mindfulness/ Yoga
  • Visit to Indian alcohol & drug rehab and attending local AA meetings
  • Opportunities to customize your own Learning Journey
  • Induction and coaching prior to departure

The Journeys shall commence early 2015.

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