Addiction causes mental damage


Before exploring the aspects of addiction let us first understand the meaning of addiction. Addiction in common terms, is the condition of being enslaved to a habit or to an action such as, consumption of narcotics or alcohol, to such an extent that the cessation of it can cause severe trauma to oneself.

This trauma can affect various aspects of one’s body. In this article we will focus on the effects that addiction causes on one’s mind- the mental effects.

Addiction is a disease, which is not curable, but treatable. Being addicted to a substance affects your body in a way that your body grows dependent on it. Your body craves for the drug to function normally and the tolerance towards the drug increases which makes the intake of the substance higher which as a result causes a deeper negative effect on the body. It has been proven through research and various assessments that the substance affects the brain in such a way that the brain has been observed to have abnormal changes in the working memory and performs poorly on memory tasks. Researchers have proven that the drug causes the brain to shrink and collapse inward which could lead to an obvious reduction in the neuron volume, neurons are the cells that processes information in the brain. A drug can cause a very heavy impairment in the working memory and a detriment to the mental health. Due to these mental effects, an individual loses his ability to maintain stable and balanced relationships or sustain daily activities that he would usually indulge in. Isolation becomes the key factor in an addict’s life.

Any mind altering substances, in one’s body can cause impairment in his normal daily bodily functions. Let us explore further on a specific mind altering substance to understand the effects caused by it. Cannabis also known as marijuana has rippling effects in an individual’s body. The first drag emits out THC which enters the bloodstream and then starts to act up, when a person inhales he first feels mellow and calm which causes him to be light headed and hazy, these feelings later convert into feeling highly anxious, feel a great deal of panic and paranoia. All of these feelings are caused due to the interaction of the THC with the brain. The THC mimics or blocks the action of the neurotransmitters and blocks the function of the brain.

Addiction is a disease that needs constant treatment. The first three months of treatment will entail a combination of medication, therapy and detoxification after which an addict has to always be in touch with the consequences of his addiction, he has to always be mindful of the effects of his addiction and know the damages it can cause to anyone.

Addicts and alcoholics can be treated effectively at a good addiction rehab. Check out the one that suits you best and get the addict onto the path of recovery!

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Rahul Luther

Mr. Luther is co-founder and director of Hope Trust – Asia’s leading facility for addiction treatment.