Refund and Payment Policy

We believe we offer a great service for a very fair and affordable price. We have a limited number of places and have to accommodate bookings and made in advance by clients from all over the world.

Too keep treatment costs low and affordable, our rehab needs to operate at optimal occupancy so the deposits/ advance payments cover cancellations and allows us a week to fill the bed.

For advance booking of bed:

  1. Payment of Rs. 50, 000/- or USD 1000; will be adjusted in first month’s advance charges
  2. Bed shall be kept for 7 days after the intimated date of admission
  3. The booking amount shall be adjusted against the treatment charges
  4. The monthly payment cycle will commence from the intimated date of admission
  5. In case the client fails to show up on intimated date, the bed shall be allotted to someone else. A fresh booking then needs to be effected
  6. The booking amount is non-refundable, in case the client does not turn up within 7 days.
  7. Please communicate the name of the client and deposit details via email, after deposit of the amount
  8. The amount maybe paid in cash / by cheque/ DD, online transfer or using our payment gateway. 

Full Payment

The balance of any payments due must be made on arrival, (unless any alternative agreement has been previously made) as per details emailed prior to arrival. Should any client wish to leave our treatment facility for any reason within 5 days of their arrival, then we will gladly issue a 50% refund of the balance that was paid on arrival, this will be processed within 7 days. After this period if a client wishes to leave for whatever reason, then no refund will be given on any amounts already paid.

Involuntary Discharge

The management of the rehab reserves the right to discharge any client from our treatment program, and no refund will be given, for any of the following reasons:

  • A client is found to be intoxicated during their stay at our facility or is in possession of any alcohol and/or drugs.
  • A client causes disruption to the treatment program and/or disturbs the treatment of other clients during their stay.
  • Refuses to comply with the treatment protocols
  • Is found to be medically unstable/ unfit to stay in the rehab

Please note: The above refund policy is implemented to ensure that anyone who stays at our facility can and will receive the level of service and treatment that not only they would expect, but also that we insist on is provided.