Deep Singh (Washington, USA)

I have a 9-year history of substance abuse, mostly drugs. Of course, I also drank lots, don’t all drug addicts also drink?!
Living in the US, I looked up to the black ‘gangs’ and wanted to be one too. I got tattoos and a swagger. I started trading in drugs, basically selling small quantities of cocaine to friends.
My parents tried everything – from preaching to getting strict. I hated them for all that they did.
A stage came when I started tripping on LSD, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol together. One day, I was picked up by the police and found myself in lock up. After that I landed in a psychiatric ward. I have very little memory of how it all happened.
My parents then located Hope Trust in India and was brought to India by my uncle. Initially, I resisted intellectually but soon the competent therapists were able to win over my trust and I started opening up. It has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery since then.
Today, I am clean and sober. I have now graduated and enrolled in a post-graduate program. I sometimes wonder where I’d be if my parents had not convinced me to get into treatment. The recovery program at Hope has been life-changing – I am forever grateful to the wonderful staff and colleagues at the rehab for saving and rebuilding my life.