I had been drinking from the past 13 years, but it got to be a daily routine since the last 4 years.

Initially it used to be a couple of pegs a day, and then gradually increased to more than a bottle a day. I could not start my day without a drink and used to have my first drink early in the morning, when any sane and normal person would be having his morning cup of tea.

Drinks started taking over my life not just physically but mentally too. My life was revolving around my drinking because of which I started losing friends, family and my business. I had reached such a stage where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The first few days in the rehab was pure misery for me. I used to feel trapped and betrayed by my family. After a couple of days I started realizing in the therapy sessions that I was not alone as I used to think in my problem, and could identify with other alcoholics and addicts. I started to enjoy my stay there because I was learning more about my problem and was living among people with a similar problem.

The counsellors over there were very humane and compassionate people who where willing to help in any way possible. Looking back I realize that my stay over there was the turning point in my life towards the positive, my attitude towards life underwent a dramatic change. The rehab taught me to face life on life’s terms and emerge a winner. After coming out I realized that there was no shame in admitting that I am an alcoholic. I realized that on the road to recovery and maintaining my sobriety people started respecting me more and were more open with me than before.

My family is more relaxed around me and my friends whom I had lost started coming back into my life. I also made many new friends in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, who had gone through similar experiences. The stay in the rehab was the best thing to have happened to me! Not only did it give me an insight into this extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal disease, but also taught me, and armed me with tools to deal with it on a daily basis.