Rakesh Agarwal (Darjeeling)

Dear Rajeshwari M’am, Rahul Sir and Dr. Prasad,
Firstly, I thank each one of you for all the support rendered to me to

enable me to come into sobriety once again and due to which I can proudly say that today is my 1st sober B’day.

After my relapse, I had almost given up and thought that “I’m the unfortunate one who is naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty”. I wasn’t able to adjust in any treatment centre and was very prone to running away or compulsively exit. But Hope Trust was a place where I opted to stay for 15 days more. Recovery is not a bed of roses and I’m sure you will remember the amount of pain I went through during my detox. But one thing is for sure that miracles do happen in recovery!

Today I’m well settled. Apart from all the monetary gains now I’m associated with a rehabilitation centre here in Siliguri near Darjeeling since last seven months. Here, as I’m a key person, I’m trying to implement many things I’ve learnt from Hope Trust. However, how’s everything there? I remember all the fellow members very fondly.  Some of them were of great help during my early days. I hope they’re all doing well now.

Every time I remember you all I thank my Higher Power, I came across such wonderful people. I miss Hope Trust and just wish I could come and stay there for a few days!

Once again Thanks for everything.

Lots and Lots of luv n regards,