Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Ketamine is similar to laughing gas or PCP and causes sensory and perceptual impairment such as hallucinations and dream-like states with short-term effects of impaired memory, learning ability and motor functions, near-death experiences (K-hole) and fatal respiratory problems. Known to cause erratic behaviour on consumption, it is largely used to eliminate pain and under its influence the drug user may cause serious physical injury to themselves and others.

At Hope Trust we can tell you that drug users addicted to Ketamine or other substances can quit and stay clean, provided they are open to treatment and build a solid foundation of recovery. Hope Trust ensures that the user feels welcome into a home like environment with empathetic staff. . There are also recovering addicts here who can share their experiences to which you can relate to.

Hope Trust has an effective detox program, personal counselling, group therapy sessions and an introduction to the 12-step program. The 12-step program is a lifelong path to recovery and rehabilitation from addiction. Further there is a deeper learning and understanding about Ketamine addiction and its ill-effects on the body and mind.

Our Family Support Program helps the affected family members cope with the situation during and after the treatment process.