Types of freedom
6 Types of Freedom You Get in a Rehab

While in the rehab for addiction treatment, you may feel closed in, “like living in a jail”. Rehabs have rules and restrictions, which addicts and alcoholics are not used to. They miss their “freedom” in the outside world. During addiction, they have been living a life governed by their compulsive need to get high, to … Continue reading "6 Types of Freedom You Get in a Rehab"

7 elements rehabilitation
The 7 Elements of Successful Addiction Treatment at a Rehab

When you break a bone, you go to an orthopedic doctor; when you have an eye infection, you go to an ophthalmic clinician. Similarly, when you have an addiction problem, you check out an addiction rehab. However, due to some misconceptions, families of addicts or addicts themselves, first tend to go to other places for … Continue reading "The 7 Elements of Successful Addiction Treatment at a Rehab"

Eating Disorders
6 Most Common Eating Disorders

Addiction happens when a person’s relationship with a substance goes out of control – for instance, when an individual is not able to control his intake of alcohol or drugs. Similarly, when someone’s relationship with food spirals out of control, it is called Eating Disorders. Eating disorders manifest in many ways – eating too much … Continue reading "6 Most Common Eating Disorders"

Cocaine Addiction
Cocaine Addiction

The most disturbing and serious affliction in today’s times is addiction or substance abuse. One of the most common and easiest to succumb to is cocaine addiction. Cocaine is an extract from coco leaves. In earlier times this was used as a painkiller. Now it is listed in the addictive drugs category.Cocaine acts as a … Continue reading "Cocaine Addiction"

Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism pervades into life in such subtle ways that it passes unnoticed until it is too late.  Alcohol addiction manifests in all age groups- young adults, middle aged or women, and sometimes in the aged too. Social drinking,if not conscientiously controlled can also lead to alcohol dependence. Alcohol addiction is very easily acquired.  This is … Continue reading "Alcohol Addiction"

Most abused drug
Most commonly abused drugs in the world

What is a drug?   A drug is any substance (with the exception of food or water) that alters the physical or psychological state of the person. Drugs may be legal (such as alcohol and cigarettes) or illegal (for instance cocaine, heroin, MDMA). Drugs are abused for a “mood altering, mind changing” experience that the … Continue reading "Most commonly abused drugs in the world"

What does rehabilitation mean for addictions?

When an individual develops any addiciton – alcohol or drugs – we advise them to seek help from a rehab? What does that really mean? According to the dictionary, rehabilitation means “the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness. It also means “the action … Continue reading "What does rehabilitation mean for addictions?"

What is non-substance-based addiction and how can it be treated?

  Addiction is an obsessive and compulsive indulgence involving consumption of a substance (such as alcohol or other chemicals) or a behavior pattern. The substances or drugs are mood altering and the individual gets a “high” or a pleasurable sensation in the brain. Similarly, some activities induce a significant pleasure in the individual and she … Continue reading "What is non-substance-based addiction and how can it be treated?"

What exactly is addiciton treatment?

Addiction (or substance use disorder) is the compulsive use of any substance (alcohol or drugs) despite adverse consequences. It also entails loss of control over its consumption – attempts to control its use repeatedly fail. Addiction is a multi-faceted problem Drug addiciton and alcohol problem drinking leads to major issues – physical, mental, social (relationships), … Continue reading "What exactly is addiciton treatment?"

Rehabilitation for Drug abuse

In most cases, the first choice of families is a hospital for drug detox. This, of course, is the right course. However, after detox (which is primarily medical management of withdrawal symptoms), the addict is a sitting duck for relapse. What is ‘rehabilitation’? Drug addiction pervades the individual’s entire personality and life. It skews his … Continue reading "Rehabilitation for Drug abuse"

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