What does rehabilitation mean for addictions?

When an individual develops any addiciton – alcohol or drugs – we advise them to seek help from a rehab? What does that really mean? According to the dictionary, rehabilitation means “the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness. It also means “the action … Continue reading "What does rehabilitation mean for addictions?"

What is non-substance-based addiction and how can it be treated?

  Addiction is an obsessive and compulsive indulgence involving consumption of a substance (such as alcohol or other chemicals) or a behavior pattern. The substances or drugs are mood altering and the individual gets a “high” or a pleasurable sensation in the brain. Similarly, some activities induce a significant pleasure in the individual and she … Continue reading "What is non-substance-based addiction and how can it be treated?"

What exactly is addiciton treatment?

Addiction (or substance use disorder) is the compulsive use of any substance (alcohol or drugs) despite adverse consequences. It also entails loss of control over its consumption – attempts to control its use repeatedly fail. Addiction is a multi-faceted problem Drug addiciton and alcohol problem drinking leads to major issues – physical, mental, social (relationships), … Continue reading "What exactly is addiciton treatment?"

Rehabilitation for Drug abuse

In most cases, the first choice of families is a hospital for drug detox. This, of course, is the right course. However, after detox (which is primarily medical management of withdrawal symptoms), the addict is a sitting duck for relapse. What is ‘rehabilitation’? Drug addiction pervades the individual’s entire personality and life. It skews his … Continue reading "Rehabilitation for Drug abuse"

Rehab – How is it useful for addiction treatment?

A rehab is a place for recovery from addictions – alcohol, drugs, problem gambling and other compulsive behaviors. It provides a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment that facilitates addiction treatment. Substances are not available in a rehab First, alcohol or drugs are not available. The individual would normally give in to ‘temptation’ outside, since substances … Continue reading "Rehab – How is it useful for addiction treatment?"

How caffeine withdrawal can affect mental health

If you have ever felt anxious or restless after skipping your regular dose of caffeine, and may think if you are experiencing a sort of withdrawal – well, if such symptoms last long and impact your life or your mood negatively, then you are experiencing a caffeine withdrawal. SYMPTOMS OF CAFFEINE WITHDRAWAL The most common … Continue reading "How caffeine withdrawal can affect mental health"

9 symptoms of borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental health disorder, affecting both genders and manifesting in early adulthood — impacting the individual’s personality by way of unstable intense relationships, distorted self-image, extreme impulsive emotions and irrational anger. Per medical research the causes of BPD is unclear but it suggests that a few factors such as … Continue reading "9 symptoms of borderline personality disorder"

Dangerous effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks

Pub hopping or “pubbing” is the entertainment at all levels of society- sex no bar- whether they are the pink collar, blue collar or white collar workers. Depending on incomes they frequent country liquor shops, bars or fancy pubs. Drinking has become a social norm and non-drinkers are under a lot of peer pressure. Cocktails … Continue reading "Dangerous effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks"

5 short term but significant symptoms of caffeine withdrawal

So, you’ve been trying to quit caffeine for a while now and still haven’t succeeded? Does it mean you’re an addict? The truth is, caffeine is a psychoactive drug and too much consumption can make you dependent on it much like other substance abuse — alcohol and tobacco. Widely across the coffee consumption regions, across … Continue reading "5 short term but significant symptoms of caffeine withdrawal"

How can substance addiction affect filial relationships?

Discord, stress and friction are all a part of daily life in families along with emotional and physical security, companionship and other benefits of a joint family life. These are normal and common issues. Turmoil sets in when a larger than life issue arises – drug addiction or substance abuse. In a joint or a … Continue reading "How can substance addiction affect filial relationships?"

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