How the Hope Trust program works

The residential treatment at Hope Trust (Est. 2002) for drug or alcohol addiction is an integrated, evidence-based program.

It provides a comfortable and safe environment that is drug-free and conducive to recovery. The normal triggers and stresses of an addict’s life and removed so that the individual can focus on starting the process of living a new life – free from harmful substances.

Hundreds of persons from across the globe have been through the program. Their success is a constant source of inspiration and validation. It works!

Hope Trust offers an effective recovery program that is intensive and individualized. The program integrates a bouquet of therapies, delivered by a qualified and experienced team.

Cross-cultural approach

Since clients come from all over the country and overseas, each person is different. The cultural differences have to be factored in for effective delivery of therapy.

Hope Trust takes into consideration your cultural and social background, helping you to identify your unique triggers and patterns, and teaching you coping skills so that you can start your journey of recovery fully equipped to meet ongoing challenges.

Therapies – effective mix for wholesome recovery

The mix of individual, group and interventional therapies include Educational Inputs, 12 Steps facilitation, CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Psychological Assessments, Fun Group Activities, Audio-video Inputs, Psychiatric Interventions (if required), Family Intervention and Communication Sessions, Mindfulness, Yoga, Gym-based physical exercises and Recreation.

Structured Daily Schedule

The schedule is structured for a balanced lifestyle – to equip the clients with healthy discipline. The day is busy and fun. The ambience is like home, not a clinic. There are TV lounges, gym and indoor games such as table tennis.

Resident staff is around round the clock – both medical and therapeutic

Unique Family Support Program

A unique element of the Hope Trust treatment module is the Family Support Program. Since addiction affects the loved ones too, the rehab provides extensive support for the family members so that broken relationships are re-built and further nurtured. This greatly increases the chances of the individual’s long-term recovery.


Since addiction is relapse-prone, aftercare is essential for maintaining sobriety. Hope Trust has a Relapse Prevention Plan which is effected prior to discharge and Aftercare Program to address ongoing challenges in recovery.

For clients who come from other parts of the world, the Aftercare is available online.

Since inception in 2002, Hope Trust has gained an international reputation for safe, effective and confidential treatment for addictions, dual diagnosis and related issues. There are residential, outpatient and online therapy options.