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Saving lives, rebuilding relationships - Since 2002

Hope Trust is Asia’s leading treatment facility for addictions – alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and dual diagnosis. Hope Trust rehab has earned an international reputation for its commitment toward safe, confidential and effective treatment. Clients and their families from all over the world come here for treatment.

The abstinence based recovery program is 12 Step oriented, with CBT, Yoga, meditation and expert medical and psychiatric inputs. Inpatient and outpatient options offer intensive programs including relapse prevention and follow-ups.

The Family Support Program provides constructive support and care for the whole family. Hope Trust is affiliated with leading treatment providers worldwide and works with several organizations and government agencies in India and abroad.

family program
Rehab CenterThe Family Support Program works concurrently with the client’s treatment. Family members learn about various family dynamics and tools so that they can re-build healthy family systems with the person in recovery. More
Residential Program
Rehab ClinicHope Trust is a rehabilitation centre for recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling, located at Hyderabad. It provides effective, ethical and confidential treatment for addictive behaviours and dual diagnosis, with a high recovery rate. The protocols of the rehab have been evolved over the years, based on evidence-based practices and experience. More
Outpatient care
Outpatient CareHope Trust's outpatient care program follows the same principles as the residential program and provides individualized focus within the program structure. Therapeutic measures comprise of lectures, group therapy, one-to-one counselling, and Twelve Step meetings. We also involve a support person like family, friend, partner, sponsor, etc. More View all

Online Care

Online Counselling is one of the newer and most productive ways to reach out to therapists and find solutions to psychological problems – from wherever you may be located. - See more

Very spacious, integrated building with stunning views of city, historic Golconda Fort in the serene environs of Jubilee Hills. View gallery
Facilities include:

  • Spacious air-conditioned rooms
  • Attached bathrooms with hot water
  • Cosmopolitan Veg / Non-Veg Menu
  • Modern air-conditioned class room & seminar hall
  • Table Tennis, TV Lounges, Indoor Games
  • Laundry Service
  • Rooftop sit out
  • Gym
  • Recreation spaces


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Featured Blog

Krishna (Hyderabad)

When I walked into the doors of HT almost in a blackout (having downed a magnum of Chivas in barely an hour) I did not have any idea that I am about to embark on a totally different journey of my life.

Rahul (Hyderabad, India)

The last three words of the sentence were the most difficult for me to admit for many years. I commenced on my drinking career when I was just over fourteen years old. My family, a typical Indian one, didn’t mind me having a drink every now and again. When I picked up my first alcoholic beverage, I was hooked. I do not remember a single time when I did not drink to get drunk or get tipsy – which is not how a ‘gentleman’ drinks. The frequency of my drinking progressively increased, as I got access to more money and the freedom of growing up and having a life of my own.

Dr. Grazyna (London, UK)

Thank you for giving me hope of a better life for my son. I trust you have looked after him very well and he is a stronger man now. I hope he will stay in touch with you. Many thanks.

Solanki (Surat, Gujarat)

Hope Trust is not just a rehab, it’s a noble place where all addicts and their families find peace. The therapy team is like family. God bless!

Karl S (London, UK)

Thank you for this new lease of life and a chance at living as a productive member of society. I hope my sobriety lasts as long as my life. 

Mustafa D (Mumbai)

My stay here was a spiritual journey. Got a lot of insight into myself with the guidance of my counselor.

Mirvat A (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

I found what I was looking for. I was graced and blessed with understanding. I live. Thank you, Hope Trust.

Pariseema D (Ahmadabad, Gujarat)

I came here 3 months ago with lots of uncertainty and many more questions in my mind. But today I am going back with lots of hope and good memories about the centre, the way they took care of my husband with love and compassion. I owe a lot to you. My best wishes.

Malak O (Muscat, Oman)

Truly a life-changing and inspirational experience. Thank you so much Hope Trust and all the counselors, you have given me hope for a new life. I am so grateful for your existence. Love to all of you!

Dr. Ravi K (New Delhi)

Hope Trust is a very committed organization where all the technical/ admin staff are very courteous and professional. We are extremely satisfied in the treatment provided to our son.

Terry Gorski

I strongly endorse Hope Trust.
It presents a positive message of recovery that is so needed in today's world. I have met them and they are good people who can be trusted.

Mr. Gorski is one of the world’s leading experts on addiction treatment. He is author of several authoritative and best-selling books on the subject.