About Us

Why treatment at Hope is a bargain of a lifetime?

  • Backed by nearly 2 decades of experience in treatment of alcohol and drug addiction
  • Associated with Arel Hope – India’s premier rehab centre
  • Collaboration with leading addiction treatment providers in Canada and UK.
  • Treatment based on WHO – recommended 12-steps program
  • Full gamut of treatment services: from detox to relapse-prevention
  • Holistic approach: addressing the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual areas for
    wholesome recovery
  • Complemented by daily yoga, meditation, wellness and regular ‘Art of Living’ courses
  • High recovery rate – comparable to the best worldwide
  • Adequate and strong emphasis on family support
  • Experienced staff: A healthy mix of professional and recovering counsellors facilitating
    effective delivery of recovery program
  • Low client-to-counsellor ratio
  • Staff trained by DLCAS (USA) providing international credentials
  • Strict protocols for effective and ethical therapy processes
  • Excellent medical and psychiatric support services, including affiliations with top corporate hospitals in
  • Good track record for treatment of Dual-Diagnosis
  • Ideal place for those who have tried their treatment abroad but are unable to maintain long-term sobriety
  • Substantial experience with international clientele: addressing cross-cultural issues
  • Well connected to the world with direct flights of most major airlines landing at Hyderabad international


In 2006, Hope Trust signed a collaboration agreement with a leading rehab in Toronto, Canada (Renascent) to give it a global and multi-cultural approach to treatment. Hope Trust and Renascent have collaborated for the purpose of creating an international forum to exchange ideas and best practices. The affiliation will infuse both agencies with a genuine global, culturally diverse approach to recovery.


A substantial number of the therapy team consists of recovering alcoholics and addicts: those who have travelled the road experienced the pain of addiction and the joys of recovery. This lends an unmatched touch of empathy and identification to the therapy process. Hope Trust ensures that its staff is up-to-date


Hope Trust has collaborated with the world-renowned Center for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB) for research programs on the genetic basis of addiction, through DNA analysis of ADH, ALDH, and DRD2 genes. Moreover, Hope Trust collects, collates and analyses extensive data for research on the bio-psycho-socio aspects of addiction. Hope Trust has collaborated with graduate students in the field of substance abuse research in India. This includes research papers presented at national conferences.


Hope offers clinical placements of 4 to 6 weeks to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the mental health field. Hope Trust routinely conducts training workshops for clinical professionals, students and anyone who is interested in the addiction field. The training would focus on screening, evaluation, individual and group psychotherapy, couples and families counseling, and continuing care planning with emphasis on the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency and accompanying mental health conditions and complications.
To apply for training, please apply as below:

  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Official graduate transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation from supervisors familiar with the applicant clinical work, and research
  • Letter of interest outlining your course and career goals
  • Letter of recommendation from your course director/ institute


Hope Trust has evolved a unique operations and development model called PERT P for Prevention through sensitization programs in the community. E for Education and training for those committed to serving and furthering the cause of rehabilitation. R for Research by collecting, collating and identifying the various factors associated with the causes and treatment of addictions. Hope Trust also explores treatment employing traditional methods enshrined in Ayurveda, Naturopathy and meditation. T for Treatment by providing world-class, effective treatment.


Mr. Rahul Luther received the Rotary Vocational Service Award 2009 from Rotary Club of Secunderabad Cantonment for services in the field of alcoholism and addiction.