Heroin Addiction Treatment

Early detection of heroin ensures effective treatment. There are many pharmacological options but synthetic opiates such as methadone, Burprenorphine, methadone and Subutex are particularly useful in blocking the effects of heroin and can control withdrawal symptoms. Accompanying psychotherapy can also be used to treat this type of addiction effectively. Integrating both treatment methods can result in the desired outcome.

Cognitive Behavioural interventions help the patients develop healthy knowledge and behaviour towards drug use and strengthen their skills to cope with various stress factors which could potentially trigger relapse

Detox in itself is useful in relieving withdrawal symptoms, so that the addict gets used to a drug-free state. Detox also reduces medical complications. It is an essential step leading to long-term treatment through Residential or Outpatient Program at Hope Trust.

The programs employed at Hope Trust are drug-free therapeutic community residential programs lasting between 4 to 6 months. This is considered an optimum amount of time and has a better chance against relapse than short-term courses that only focus on detox but not on life- long term recovery. .