5 Things you need to know about bipolar

Today is world Bipolar Day. Let us take this opportunity to learn more about the illness. Earlier known as manic depression, it is a challenging, chronic disabling illness which affects more than 8.7 million people in India alone.

5 things you need to know:

What is it? : Bipolar disorder is a serious but treatable brain disease due to certain chemical imbalance in the brain. Just like any other chronic illness which affects other organs of the body (like diabetes), bipolar disorder affects the brain which is also an organ of the body. While there is no known permanent cure, there is very effective treatment which allows sufferers to live satisfying and healthy lives.

Why is it called ‘bipolar’? : There are two ‘poles’ or ‘phases’. The manic phase – in this phase the sufferer is so full of energy that it seems he is on a race against time mode. He can talk nonstop and feels he does not need any sleep or rest. The depressed phase –this phase is exactly the opposite. He is depressed most of the time. Sometimes there are long bursts of uncontrolled crying for no reason or for something as insignificant as dropping a glass.

The effect on family – Bipolar disorder consumes not only the victim but severely impacts the entire family. The family gets emotionally distressed with guilt feelings like – why? What went wrong? Are we responsible? This upheaval in the family also causes financial stress along with a disrupted routine of daily life whether professional or personal.



What it feels like- Living with bipolar disorder is like having a permanent seat on an emotional roller coaster. Weeks of feeling euphoric and happy may be followed by suddenly feeling that the world is full of darkness. This is accompanied by feelings of loss of control, frustration and helplessness.

Stigma- There is a lot of stigma surrounding bipolar disorder which prevents millions of people from receiving treatment. This results in higher risk of death from the disorder.


There is always ‘Hope’. At the first sign of trouble you should always look out for good psychiatric support. Check the therapies provided and also enrol yourself to learn how to support your loved one.

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