7 Components of Successful Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction can be devastating. If not treated, it destroys families and ultimately kills the addict. Addiction is an insidious problem – it starts in a seemingly harmless way and slowly, surely, eats away at the life of the addict.

Most often, the addict cannot see the decline and decay. He gets caught in a false sense of control and chase – from one exhilarating high to the next. He convinces himself that his situation is not too bad, that he can come out of spiral whenever he wants, that his drug use is due to some external factor. The addict may make some attempts at self-control, but fails.

Those close to him, such as his family, can see the decay and try all sorts of control strategies to stem the decline. They too usually fail in their attempts.

Drug addicts need professional help to come out of their addiction. Drug addiction treatment is now highly evolved over the years. Evidence-based practices do work.

What exactly is the most successful method of drug addiction treatment?

While each addict is different and may be using different drugs, drug addiction treatment has certain elements that remain common to all successful treatment programs. Here are the main components of successful drug addiction treatment:

  1. Detox – managing withdrawal symptoms under qualified medical supervision and appropriate medication
  2. Psychological assessment – addicts should be assessed by a psychiatrist for any co-occurring psychiatric issue
  3. Individualized treatment – the therapy team should draw up a personalized treatment plan for the individual
  4. Holistic approach – the treatment should be multi-disciplinary, to address all areas of the addict. Yoga, meditation, group therapy and other inputs add to the overall effectiveness
  5. Family involvement – A good treatment facility will provide support to the affected family members so that healing is shared by all
  6. Relapse prevention – Since addiction is highly relapse-prone, an effective treatment plan will address the individual’s unique relapse triggers
  7. Follow up – A post-discharge after-care program to address ongoing challenges, especially during early stages of recovery

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