What is the relationship between substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms and cardiac problems?

Drug addiction or substance abuse is one of the biggest nightmares in anyone’s life. This disease is far more prevalent now than it was a few years earlier because there is far more exposure and immoral people trafficking drugs purely for quick financial gains. To tackle these problems good de-addiction centres and rehabs are increasingly … Continue reading "What is the relationship between substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms and cardiac problems?"

Are recovered addicts better therapists?

“To be or not to be” –William Shakespeare. A true dilemma for a recovered addict, who is now actually capable of being a counsellor. De-addiction is very hard, but just as rewarding. Nothing can be as satisfying and gratifying than leading a normal productive life and fulfilling the moral obligation of giving back to the … Continue reading "Are recovered addicts better therapists?"

Addiction – Why Should You Go For Group Therapy?

For those seeking recovery from any sort of addiction, group therapy is a valuable tool. A group therapies success relies solely on the participation and dedication of the group. It is a tried and true method of recovery for many people struggling from addiction, as it gathers people facing similar disorder to create an atmosphere … Continue reading "Addiction – Why Should You Go For Group Therapy?"

Gambling Addiction – What happens inside the brain?

Gambling is all about having fun and thrill for that next big win, surely with losing or winning every now and then. For some of us, gambling is a thrill that keeps us going, but for some it can be devastating – it can turn into something beyond just entertainment. Gambling can seriously interfere with … Continue reading "Gambling Addiction – What happens inside the brain?"

Alcohol Addiction – You don’t have to deal with it alone

Addiction is the highest level of obsession. It becomes all-encompassing and all pervasive. The alcoholic cannot function without the drink, nor can he or she function with it. Everyone has some obsession or the other at some point in their lives. A young child may get addicted to a particular food item; a teenager gives … Continue reading "Alcohol Addiction – You don’t have to deal with it alone"

10 Signs you need professional help for alcoholism

Society often projects alcohol as a fun and social substance that makes our lives better, but this is not the case for everyone. It’s hard to know when our habit turns into an addiction and even harder to know when we should ask for help. In case you have crossed the line, treatment for alcoholism … Continue reading "10 Signs you need professional help for alcoholism"

Feeling helpless? Get a new life to your loved one through a rehab

Addiction is a very often used word. Addiction to TV, addiction to playing games on any device, addiction to certain foods, alcohol addiction and drug addiction are loosely used. Colloquially, it means craving or a significant degree of obsession. When the craving or obsession hits the highest levels where a person cannot function without it, … Continue reading "Feeling helpless? Get a new life to your loved one through a rehab"

Advantages of physical therapy & rehabilitation

Addiction has an impact on the overall life of an individual and also his or her family. It creates significant physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual damages to the addict’s life. Therefore, the individual requires a restoration process of these damages due to the disease of addiction. Rehabilitation is therefore a process by which those … Continue reading "Advantages of physical therapy & rehabilitation"

5 Things you need to know about bipolar

Today is world Bipolar Day. Let us take this opportunity to learn more about the illness. Earlier known as manic depression, it is a challenging, chronic disabling illness which affects more than 8.7 million people in India alone. 5 things you need to know: What is it? : Bipolar disorder is a serious but treatable brain … Continue reading "5 Things you need to know about bipolar"

Dangerous effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks

For the past many years, studies and research have been observing the phenomena of drinkers mixing alcohol and energy drinks. This could have seriously negative health effects. This negative effect works in a specific fashion. As per the results of a study by Hope Trust India, combining energy drinks such as Red Bull with alcohol … Continue reading "Dangerous effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks"