Rehab – How is it useful for addiction treatment?

A rehab is a place for recovery from addictions – alcohol, drugs, problem gambling and other compulsive behaviors.

It provides a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment that facilitates addiction treatment.

Substances are not available in a rehab

First, alcohol or drugs are not available. The individual would normally give in to ‘temptation’ outside, since substances are easily accessible. In the rehab, the addict is compelled to deal with his or her cravings by seeking alternative and healthy coping mechanisms, such as sharing, Yoga, reading, exercising or playing and indoor game. Thus, he or she learns that craving can be coped with instead of giving in to the strong desires.

There is professional help in a rehab

The rehab is equipped with medical and therapy staff and that is trained in addiction treatment. From the initial withdrawal management that is medically managed to ongoing therapy by professional members, the addict has access to support the process of addiction treatment. Some rehabs also have Yoga and Mindfulness teachers who further reinforce the healing process.

Peer group in a rehab

While the addict is surrounded by using friends during active addiction, in the rehab he or she is in the midst of other recovering persons who can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged. There is unmatched identification amongst the residents of a rehab and they no longer feel mis-understood or judged by others. At last, they feel they ‘belong’ to a community and there’s a strong feeling of bonding and purpose. Shared space begets shared responsibilities and group therapy has significant influence on the individual’s recovery from addiciton.

Addiction treatment in a rehab greatly increases the chances of achieving long-term sobriety.