10 Signs you need professional help for alcoholism

Society often projects alcohol as a fun and social substance that makes our lives better, but this is not the case for everyone. It’s hard to know when our habit turns into an addiction and even harder to know when we should ask for help.

In case you have crossed the line, treatment for alcoholism is easily available, and it can help you get your life back.

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to seek professional help:

1. WITHDRAWING FROM FAMILY, FRIENDS & ACTIVITIES – isolation is a universal sign that you have made alcohol the number one priority in your life. Addiction can make us feel alone, like no one understands us, and that we need to be alone most times. If your drinking has reached this point, you need help.

2. NEGLECTING RESPONSIBILITIES – in some cases, drinking can completely take over our lives and we tend to run away from our responsibilities. You may neglect your appearance, your hygiene, the appearance of your car or home, and even merely the most basic necessities like sleeping and eating which will certainly affect your overall health. If drinking progresses to a place where the primary responsibilities of life cannot be completed, you may need to think about alcohol addiction treatment.

3. LYING OR HIDING ABOUT DRINKING – denial is common with people having problems with alcohol, so both problem drinkers and alcoholics might drink secretively or lie about how much they drink to make it seem like less of an issue. This can be hard to spot for anybody but the individual, due to its very nature, but it’s an important sign of a more serious problem.

4. DRINKING TO RELAX OR FEEL BETTER – whether it’s stress, depression, anxiety or anything else, using alcohol as a method of easing negative feelings is a risky habit, though the relief it provides is only temporary and it ordinarily makes things worse in the long run.

5. YOU HAVE HURT YOURSELF OR OTHERS – these may be signs that your drinking is out of control. If bodily injuries are combined with blackouts, it can make for a dangerous situation. Alcohol is a strong mind and mood altering substance that can cause us to take actions that we would never normally take. This may include violence or falls that result in injuries.

6. MISSING IMPORTANT EVENTS – if drinking has become a priority in your life, chances are you may have missed certain events where your presence was needed.

7. BEING UNABLE TO STOP, ONCE YOU START DRINKING – if you always finish a bottle of wine once it’s opened or can’t stop drinking once you start, it’s another sign you are not in full control of your drinking and you may have a problem.

8. TROUBLED RELATIONSHIPS – if your drinking is causing problems with your closest friends, your significant other or your family, it’s an indication that alcohol is a bigger priority than even the most important people in your life.

9. TRYING TO QUIT, BUT BEING UNABLE TO – if you have realized your drinking is becoming a problem and tried to make a change but have been unsuccessful, you should seriously consider finding additional help.

10. EXPERIENCING WITHDRAWAL – withdrawal is different from a hangover, it’s the reaction to the lack of alcohol rather than too much alcohol. If you start to feel irritable, tired, depressed, nauseous or anxious when you have not had a drink, there is a possibility you are going through withdrawal.

Addiction treatment is available. Choose the right facility and bring back the balance in your life!