Addiction in your family? Help yourself first!

It is normal for family members to believe that they cannot be okay when someone they love is sick or miserable. It is normal for them to think it would be betrayal to be alright in the midst of a beloved’s illness or discomfort. However, that is exactly what is called for in the case … Continue reading "Addiction in your family? Help yourself first!"

What is Co-dependency

Find out if you’re becoming addicted to being needed, and what to do about it. Definition of Co-dependency Co-dependency is a condition that results in a dysfunctional relationship between the co-dependent and other people (addicts or alcoholics).  A co-dependent is addicted to helping someone.  They need to be needed.  This addiction is sometimes so strong; … Continue reading "What is Co-dependency"

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis means that an individual has two separate but very interrelated diagnoses:  A psychiatric problem An addiction problem It is difficult to say which came first. What is important to note is that the person is currently having both problems and both have to be addressed together. A relapse in one of the two … Continue reading "What is Dual Diagnosis?"

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Look Out For

All addictions, whether to substances or to behaviors, involve both physical and psychological processes. Each person’s experience of addiction is slightly different, but usually involves a cluster of some of the following symptoms of addiction. You can still be addicted even if you do not have all of the symptoms. There are many different addictions, … Continue reading "Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Look Out For"

Detachment with Love: what does it mean?

One of the great gifts of the addiction recovery movement is the concept of detachment with love. Originally conceived as a way to relate to an alcoholic family member, detachment with love is actually a tool that we can apply with anyone.   Al-Anon, a Twelve Step mutual-help group for friends and family members of alcoholics, … Continue reading "Detachment with Love: what does it mean?"

Coping With Having a Family Member in Alcohol or Drug Rehab

Your Encouragement and Support is Important!  Having a member of your family in rehab like Hope Trust for drugs or alcohol means that you’re inevitably facing, and perhaps even struggling with a lot of concerns, questions and maybe some misconceptions about how professional treatment works. The following may answer some of those questions. He is in … Continue reading "Coping With Having a Family Member in Alcohol or Drug Rehab"

Addiction – How the Family Suffers and What It Can Do?

The members of a family are interdependent on each other. Therefore, when there is stress, the whole family readjusts itself to bring stability and balance into their lives. With an addict in the family, the rest of the family members begin to react in predictable ways. When one member of the family suffers from addiction, … Continue reading "Addiction – How the Family Suffers and What It Can Do?"

Strategies for Helping Addicts and Alcoholics to Get the Help they Need

Some of these strategies for helping addicts are more about you then they are about the addict themselves.Taking care of yourself, setting a good example of healthy living, and showing basic support is probably nine tenths of the battle.The rest is just details. But, the details might lead to a breakthrough, so it is worth … Continue reading "Strategies for Helping Addicts and Alcoholics to Get the Help they Need"

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