Addiction – Family’s Road to Recovery

-Rajeshwari Luther Alcoholism is now recognized and classified as a ‘disease’ by leading medical authorities such as WHO (World Health Organization) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  Like any disease, alcoholism is characterized by definite symptoms. One of the symptoms is that it does not affect the alcoholic alone – it is a family disease … Continue reading "Addiction – Family’s Road to Recovery"

Why treatment at Hope?

15 Reasons Why Treatment at Hope is a Bargain of a Lifetime!      1. Backed by over 10 years of experience in treatment of alcohol and drug addiction     2. In collaboration with Renascent, a leading treatment facility in Canada (Toronto)     3. Treatment based on WHO-approved 12-steps program     4. … Continue reading "Why treatment at Hope?"


(Previously published in The Hindu)         -Rahul Luther Leading medical authorities such as WHO (World Health Organization) and the American Medical Association now recognize alcoholism as a disease, with definite and predictable symptoms. Alcoholics Anonymous defines alcoholism as ‘cunning, baffling, powerful’. What makes the disease so baffling is the typical symptom of … Continue reading "WHY DO ALCOHOLICS DENY THEIR PROBLEMS?"

Children of Addicts

       – Rajeshwari Luther  Mummy looks very sad. She does not answer. ‘Mama, please ask daddy not to drink. Then he won’t be so sick.’ ‘Mummy is crying silently.’ I have a nice house, all toys. But why is there is so much yelling and shouting at night?’ ‘I cry when mummy or … Continue reading "Children of Addicts"

Understanding Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the use of alcohol, a drug or other substance for a non-medical purpose, to produce a mind altering stated in the user. Substance abuse refers to the abuse of alcohol or illegally produced substances, as well as the use of legal medications for a different purpose to the one the medication is … Continue reading "Understanding Substance Abuse"

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

For many people, drinking alcohol is nothing more than a pleasant way to relax. However, some people drink excessively and cause damage not only to themselves, but also those around them. Alcohol problems can become a threat to one’s life, but therapies are at hand to help those who suffer from alcohol addiction. For most … Continue reading "Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism"

Addiction in your family? Help yourself first!

It is normal for family members to believe that they cannot be okay when someone they love is sick or miserable. It is normal for them to think it would be betrayal to be alright in the midst of a beloved’s illness or discomfort. However, that is exactly what is called for in the case … Continue reading "Addiction in your family? Help yourself first!"

What is Co-dependency

Find out if you’re becoming addicted to being needed, and what to do about it. Definition of Co-dependency Co-dependency is a condition that results in a dysfunctional relationship between the co-dependent and other people (addicts or alcoholics).  A co-dependent is addicted to helping someone.  They need to be needed.  This addiction is sometimes so strong; … Continue reading "What is Co-dependency"

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis means that an individual has two separate but very interrelated diagnoses:  A psychiatric problem An addiction problem It is difficult to say which came first. What is important to note is that the person is currently having both problems and both have to be addressed together. A relapse in one of the two … Continue reading "What is Dual Diagnosis?"

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Look Out For

All addictions, whether to substances or to behaviors, involve both physical and psychological processes. Each person’s experience of addiction is slightly different, but usually involves a cluster of some of the following symptoms of addiction. You can still be addicted even if you do not have all of the symptoms. There are many different addictions, … Continue reading "Signs and Symptoms of Addiction to Look Out For"