Rehabilitation Center for Addiction Recovery

When an individual has an addiction issue, he or she needs to get support from a rehabilitation center. A professional rehab center provides an array of services – from detox to relapse prevention.

Withdrawal management is the first step

When an addict stops using the substances (drugs and/ or alcohol) he or she has been compulsively using, the person gets physically uncomfortable. This is called withdrawal or withdrawal symptoms. This is managed under medical supervision.

After that, the individual may not have any severe physical issues, but his or her thinking and emotional management problems persist. For these, an individualized treatment plan is designed in the therapeutic setting of the rehabilitation center.

Overall recovery

The therapy team at the rehab center offer a variety of psychotherapeutic tools, such as education, CBT, behavior modification, Mindfulness to effect a significant change in the addict’s thinking patterns. From negative to positive.  Moreover, the alcoholic or addict’s behavior needs to be modified from destructive to constructive.

For effective rehabilitation, the rehab should also have a strong family support program so that the damaged relationships are rebuilt with the help of the counselling staff.

Apart from the physical and psychological aspects, a good rehab center will also help the alcoholic or addict in starting some sort of ‘spiritual’ journey. From an individual who is self-centered, manipulative, impatient to a compassionate, loving, caring person who can re-integrate well into the family and society. 

Relapse prevention

Addiction being highly relapse – prone, the staff at the rehabilitation facility help the individual in identifying his or her unique relapse triggers and how to manage these, so that relapse may be prevented.  

Choose wisely!

While choosing a rehabilitation facility, ensure that it has experience and is well equipped to deal with the physical, psychological and spiritual areas of recovery. It is also important to find out what sort of program the facility offers for the family members.