Udta Gujarat

There is official prohibition in the state of Gujarat since its inception in 1960. However, this exists merely on paper. In reality, it is a different story. As anyone who has enjoyed a drink (or two or more) in Gujarat will tell you, alcohol is easily available. In fact, it is home-delivered like pizza.

As expected, this has led to crime and tragedy. Every individual who orders, delivers or consumes alcohol is breaking the law. In 2009, 148 persons died due to consumption of spurious liquor. 

Like the rest of India (or the world), drugs too are an increasing problem. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana are highly prevalent in Gujarat.

The reasons for the growing problem are many. Enhanced prosperity, access to alcohol and drugs and peer pressure are some.

Lack of treatment options

There are no proper rehabs in the state. Some hospitals provide detox services, but proper rehabilitation for alcoholics and addicts is not available in Gujarat.

Treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse is a complex and often difficult process. Addiction is highly relapse prone and though addiction is classified as a ‘disease’ by WHO (DSM 5), the treatment requires a multi-pronged approach that goes beyond mere medical management.

Hope Trust and Gujarat

Since inception in 2002, Hope Trust rehab in Hyderabad has received a surprisingly large number of clients from Gujarat. This, despite prohibition!

Individuals and families who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction have had good success after treatment at Hope Trust. Hyderabad has short, direct flights from Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat.

Hope Trust has earned an international reputation for safe, ethical and confidential treatment of addictions and dual diagnosis (when addiction co-occurs with a psychiatric condition). Apart from clients coming from all over India, about 30% of clients at Hope Trust come from overseas – USA, UK, Oman, Dubai, Australia and others. 

Hope Trust is in collaboration with leading treatment providers in Canada and UK. And is an associate of a leading hospital chain – Care Hospitals.